Blind Spots

A ”safe defensive driver” is NOT limited to ”drive slow, keep right, and stay off the freeway.” 🤦

There are reasons you see those stickers on the back of a big rig that say ”If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you” or ”⬅️Passing Side Dead Side ➡️.” While it is okay to drive on surface/local streets, drive slow and keep right, it is also a false sense of security.
Are you driving in the blind spot of a vehicle? (Cameras are blind spot creators. You can utilize them but no one should rely on them.)
Are you Much slower than the flow of traffic? (Imagine that you’re that #1 yellow ball at the billiards hall just before the cue ball flies in at freeway specs for the break.)
Are you merging with the flow of traffic at the same speed as the other vehicles in the lanes you will soon be in? (Ever walk around Disneyland and someone in a hurry slams into you so you drop your $15 churro you just waited 20 minutes for; that churro is you.)
Are you merging with traffic as if all the cars are teeth of a zipper, only entering into empty space your vehicle fits into? (Those who traverse the Los Angeles freeways have probably exclaimed with a healthy facepalm and a number of 🤨 at a luxury four-door ”DUDE! if a Civic doesn’t fit, what makes you think you do?!”)
Are you passing other vehicles on the side of Their driver? (At break time where there are lots of people moving about, walk forward slowly with your right shoulder close to the wall in a safe hallway at work, with your left eye closed. When people move around your blind side, did you twitch right and bump your shoulder into the wall?)
Yes these are questions relating to guidelines that exist and there are those occasions where doing everything right is not the safe choice, and I’m not against that because safety on the road is important to all on the road.
Notice these questions are asking You, not the construction workers that operate the heavy machinery, big rigs, state vehicles, delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles, nor train conductors.
Why? Because those professionals hear this kind of training every single morning. The best you probably get is ”drive safe.”

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