Second Wind

Epiphany stuff
In a Facebook group I’m a member of,
a fellow member posted a question
regarding if we know that
our adversities are our gifts,
and what they are for us.

My response: ”I don’t know.”
Other members, utilizing their own superpowers, pointed the way to the moon.

After fixating on the proverbial finger a while,
I received a Gibbs Smack,
and stopped missing all that glory.

Pen stuff
The image is scribed by my own hands as the beginning of standards to affirm an external reality to manifest internally.

R denotes my right hand.
L denotes my left hand.
The side-by-side script is simultaneous.

I utilized two fountain pens:
Pilot Metropolitan, medium nib
Pilot Varsity (”one time use”), medium nib

The Varsity ran out of ink, so I utilized it by dipping it into the fountain pen ink.

Epiphany-pen hybrid
The script states:
“I am amazing because I’ve gone through lots of negativity but am still positive, giving, and kind.”

The two pens are from the same source.
Originally designed for the same, yet different lives.
To write for those wielding them.
One to have a long lifespan, refilling, refueling, and to be admired for it’s slightly higher sophisticated aesthetics and feel.
One to have a short lifespan, durable for everyday use with the sensory-rich feel of writing through a fountain tip, expected to be discarded when empty.

“Like this cup, you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you wisdom unless you first empty your cup?”
– Nyogen Senzaki

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