We are not our title

Do not attach identity to something as insignificant as a career/job/position.

I was a Courier, ten years of continuous increases in productivity, and figured I needed to get into management (because leadership and leveling up others helps the team), and I had this ”I’m one of the safest and most productive couriers in here. I’m made for this shit.”

Offload a 53′ trailer piece by piece in the early morning,
Execute 40-50 stops (addresses) per hour on a 8:30-18:00 delivery route,
Load airplane containers (play tetris) piece by piece at 25 pieces per minute.

My direct manager started falsifying my time cards, my schedule, and inflating targets beyond physical limits; making me late, creating no-call-no-show days, and satisfactory stops per hour becomes 70-80.

I pushed my body harder to hit 60-62 stops per hour, and became so burnt out that not only am I unable to execute my job at these new thresholds, cramps would catalyze violent cramps throughout the night, I’d drink about 6 cans of energy drinks daily, and eating Fifteen Thousand calories daily was enough to stop me from losing weight and stay awake during work + commute.

I got pushed into deciding between getting fired and walking away from the career I believed I was made for and that I would retire from.

Identity crisis meltdown.

Certain individuals reminded me of the philosophies I’d studied, somehow got me to stop being morbidly suicidal, and I found an opening in a career I wholeheartedly knew I was NOT made for, one that lights up every single red flag in my system, and dragged myself through that shit for about 6 years, learning, observing, putting in prescribed effort, and nothing except one important thing.

It pulled me out of believing I was only a courier, which set me up to start learning about my accessible potentials.

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